Kanye West’s Fashion Consultant Ian Connor Accused Of TWO More Rapes — Details Here

ian connor accused of five rapes

Kanye West may want to cut ties with his stylist friend Ian Connor.

As we previously reported, the All Day rapper’s creative consultant has been accused of raping SEVERAL different women. How awful!

In fact, two more of Ian’s alleged victims have since come forward to detail their traumatizing experiences with the 23-year-old. According to DailyMail, a 19-year-old from Chicago named Jenni Stampley and a 23-year-old from Redlands, CA named Taryn Williams both have accused Connor of sexual assaulting them.

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In Miz Stampley’s interview with the site, she noted that Ian told her to “shut the f*ck up” during the attack and says it all happened during the stylist’s April visit to Toronto. Whoa.

Not to mention, when Jenni threatened legal action against Yeezy’s friend, he reportedly clapped back via text:

“I pray that you have a good lawyer because I will be getting everything.”

Like the other three victims, Stampley and Williams claim they were contacted by Ian through social media and exchanged several messages with him before meeting the fashion expert in person. In Williams’ recounting of what happened back in October 2014, the woman explained that Ian sent Uber to bring her to his residence. When it became too late for her to go home, Ye’s sidekick offered Taryn a jersey to sleep in — and that’s when things became especially troubling. Taryn shared:

“Immediately after I put the pajamas on, he starts touching me and I said, ‘Stop, you said this isn’t what you wanted, why are you doing this?’ and he just told me I was being weird…He tried to put his face down near my vagina and I pushed him with my feet really hard and said, ‘Don’t, just stop it!’ It was at that point he grabbed my lower back and pulled me to him and he put his penis inside me. I pushed him out again and I said, ‘Please no, stop. This isn’t what I wanted and you said this isn’t what you wanted, why are you lying?’

Then he just forced himself inside me and kept going. I kind of just was waiting until he was finished and I was crying and finally he was done and he fell asleep on the floor so I just made my way to the couch and tried to fall asleep.”

Intense stuff. To make matters worse, when Taryn asked Ian to apologize for what he had done he simply texted her:

“I’m sorry you’re right, I’m just disconnected.”

Regardless, the model claims he as evidence proving his innocence. In Stampley’s case, she revealed that Connor paid for her to be flown to Toronto after connecting initially through Twitter. While the trip started off pleasantly enough, it took a dark turn when the twosome returned to Ian’s hotel room where he forced Jenni to have sex when she didn’t want to.

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She relayed:

“I thought, if I say no, he’s not going to do anything. I’ve never met anybody, said no and had them just keep going. I was sure he wasn’t going to do anything else, so I just stopped moving. Then I saw him out of the corner of my eye taking off his pants, or maybe his boxers, and he noticed I’d seen him and turned me back around.

So I said, no, I’m not going to have sex and he told me to relax again. I could hear he was getting a little mad. He was getting louder and he said, you need to stop. So I stopped moving. I could feel him pressed against me so I tried to move but he just grabbed the back of my neck and my hair and pushed my face into the pillow.”

Unfortunately, since Ian had purchased Jenni a one way ticket she was trapped with him until he purchased her a return flight. The next day, after the industry vet had come back from a meeting, Ian pressured her to have sex again which she did in the hopes that she could go home.

Not only did Ian inflict aggressive sex onto Jenni but he also recorded it and FaceTimed a friend during the incident. Ugh. After, Ian tried to convince Jenni to have group sex with two other women, but she refused and demanded her flight home — which she eventually got the next day.

A source close to Kanye’s team has added that Ian is not currently under the A-lister’s employment and we doubt he will be in the future. Just sayin’…

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Jun 3, 2016 2:27pm PDT

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