Prince’s 911 Caller Opens Up About The Moment He Found The Singer & How He Could Have Saved Him!

The son of Prince's addiction specialist speaks.

The son of Prince‘s addiction specialist isn’t staying silent any longer!

On Friday, Andrew Kornfeld broke his silence in a guest column for CNN about the traumatizing moment he found the iconic artist unconscious in his Minnesota home.

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The Recovery Without Walls practice consultant remembered how he felt when he dialed 911, writing:

“Believe me, nothing can prepare a person to walk into such chaos and sadness. As I told the 911 dispatcher on April 21, those on the scene were distraught, which was why I was the one to place the call. But what happened has made me think, long and hard, about what steps we must take to prevent such entirely unnecessary loss of life.”

His father, Dr. Howard Kornfeld, was scheduled to fly out to help the singer through his struggle with opioid addiction, but the hitmaker passed away the day before they were supposed to meet.

And while police are investigating the way in which the songsmith was able to obtain the fatal drugs that took his life, Andrew admitted that people who deal with chronic pain will do anything to “escape the agony,” adding:

“The millions of individuals who suffer from chronic pain are familiar with this sense of desperation. They run the gamut: your next door neighbors, the celebrities you read about in magazines at the supermarket checkout, and yes — Prince.”

So sad.

The USC alum even began to wonder if there was any way he could have prevented the pop powerhouse’s untimely end, penning:

“His death was a tragedy beyond words. He was an inspiration to so many, and in the brief time I spent in Minnesota, I saw just how good a friend he was to those closest to him. In the weeks that have passed since April 21, I have thought about what might have produced a different outcome. What if his troubles could have been addressed effectively, and much sooner?”

Andrew had arrived that fateful day at Paisley Park to deliver the musician a dose of Buprenorphine, which was supposed to help treat Prince’s Percocet addiction.

He explained that the drug was hard for the late legend to get in Minnesota:

“Unfortunately, the timely care Prince may have needed, based on the medical examiner’s report, has been difficult to obtain in Minnesota, and in many states in our nation. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, there are 120 buprenorphine prescribers in the state, roughly 2.2 physicians certified to prescribe the drug, per 100,000 persons — not nearly enough.”

Howard’s son strongly believes that Prince could have been saved if he and his father had been able to give him Buprenorphine even days earlier, saying:

“What if my father and had been able to reach Prince just a week earlier, like so many others we have helped take back their lives? Prince could have been here, standing on the beach beside me.”

If you’re like to read Andrew’s entire piece, click here.

Our hearts are with everyone affected by Prince’s passing.

[Image via Recovery Without Walls, WENN.]

Jun 3, 2016 2:35pm PDT

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