George Foreman Reveals Touching Story Of The Final Time He Spent With Muhammad Ali

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This is so sweet.

After Muhammad Ali‘s passing last night, stories are coming forward about the legend and his amazing life, and celebs across the spectrum are paying their respects.

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Now, we are hearing more about the man in the final years of his life.

TMZ Sports talked to George Foreman about Ali, and the fellow boxer shared a very poignant story about spending time with the champ last year — what would turn out to be the last time the two boxers would spend together.

Foreman said:

“Last year, at the end of the year, I spent some time with him in Louisville. Got to whisper in his ear. He was sickly, but he knew who he was. His mind, his brain, was always together. You could sneak up and give him a kiss. He just couldn’t move much.”


Foreman, who called Ali his best friend, continued:

“All Muhammad ever wanted was to be loved. He wanted love. And the world has shown today that they really love him. It wasn’t a put on.”

So sweet!

Of course, Ali and Foreman met in 1974’s Rumble In The Jungle, which still might be boxing’s most famous match-up of all time. Foreman lost, but years later, they became good friends.

Now, we’re certain George is missing his good buddy, as he alluded to:

“Muhammad Ali was like a total eclipse. We won’t see that again. Saying he was a great boxer, that’s making him too small. He was a great man.”

No kidding.

RIP, Mr. Ali.

[Image via Mark Readman/WENN.]

Jun 4, 2016 3:43pm PDT

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