Blue Bloods Star Confirms She Gave Birth To A Daughter… Over A Week Ago! WHAT?

marisa ramirez has given birth

Exciting news!

On Monday, Blue Bloods star Marisa Ramirez took to Twitter to announce that she gave birth to her first child — over a WEEK ago. What is up with all of these celebs giving birth in secret these days? Sneaky, sneaky.

In case you forgot, the 38-year-old revealed she was expecting this spring back in January 2016. This time around, Miz Ramirez shared not only the name of her little one but posted a pic of the newborn too! LOVES it.

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Marisa posted:

Too cute!

We think Violet Rae is a BEAUTIFUL name. In fact, the floral-heavy baby shower the TV starlet had back in April makes A LOT more sense now. LOLz!

We couldn’t be happier for Marisa on her little bundle of joy. Congratulations, girl!

[Image via Twitter.]

Jun 6, 2016 11:17am PDT

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