Kylie Jenner Addresses Sex Tape Rumors Saying ‘You’re Never Gonna See’ It After Her Twitter Account Is Hacked!

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Kylie Jenner might have over 16 million followers on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get hacked like the rest of us!

If you remember, early last week Katy Perry had her Twitter account hacked as the attacker tweeted out “@sw4ylol #hackersgonnahack” and it appears the same person may have struck again — targeting Kylie this time — and they sent out some VERY NSFW messages!

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Though it could just be a coincidence, or another prankster trying to link the two hacks, Jenner’s cyber attacker tweeted out: “lol @lolsw4y was here” which suggests it’s the same evil doer.

Then the online rascal sent out quite a few naughty tweets that were certainly NSFW and even tagged other celebs like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and even Perry.

The attacker tweeted:

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The fake Kylie went on to send out some more inappropriate messages tweeting:

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Then, when you thought things couldn’t get more offensive, they dropped some racial and derogatory slang:

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The hacker then went on to feed into speculation about Miz Jenner releasing a sex tape with Tyga writing:

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Well, the 18-year-old might not be the queen of Twitter, but she is of Snapchat as the reality star took to the photo and video sharing app and noted:

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As for those sex tape rumors, well the brunette beauty promises that you’ll “never see” it as she dished:

You tell em, Ky! But haven’t you ever heard of “never say never?” LOLz!

OBVIOUSLY the tweets have since been deleted, and @lolsw4y’s account has been suspended as well, bringing an end to the hacker’s shenanigans — but we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw them strike again!

What do you think of the most recent celebrity hacking?!

[Image via Snapchat.]

Jun 6, 2016 7:48am PDT

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