Oops! Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter AND Pinterest Accounts Just Got Hacked!

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This probably shouldn’t happen to a tech guru like Mark Zuckerberg

ESPECIALLY considering how awful his social media passwords were!!

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On Sunday, Zuck had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked by a group that claimed they were ‘just testing your security’ in a taunting Tweet from Zuckerberg’s account that was quickly deleted.

They re-posted a similar message on one of their alt Twitter accounts later, still claiming responsibility (below):

The hacker group, who called themselves OurMine, took over the tech giant’s rarely used Twitter and Pinterest pages by accessing them through LinkedIn, apparently.

The business social media network has had massive password leak problems in the past, and OurMine alleged on Sunday that they gleaned Zuck’s passwords because they were able to access his LinkedIn account in the first place.

(Consider this yet another reminder that LinkedIn accounts are dumb! LOLz!)

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The group also revealed Zuck’s password for the social networks, and it’s surprisingly simple!!

They tweeted it publicly before, again, it was quickly deleted on Sunday (below):

“You were in Linkedin Database with the password ‘dadada’!”

OMG!!! ‘dadada’?? Where are the capital letters and numeric characters?? So much for social media security, Mark…

Looks like the accounts are back in Zuckerberg’s control now, though.

At least his hack didn’t turn out like another one that went down on Sunday though, right??

[Image via David R. Rico/WENN.]

Jun 6, 2016 2:12pm PDT

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