So Cute! NFL Star Rob Gronkowski Shaves His Head In Support Of Children’s Cancer Charities!

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For a big football bro who loves to party hard, Rob Gronkowski seems like a pretty sweet guy.

On Sunday, the New England Patriots football star shaved his head — for the fifth year in a row — to support childhood cancer charities at the One Mission Cancer Buzz Off even in Massachusetts!

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The football star loves donating his time to this event, and he probably doesn’t hate the feel of a shaved head, either — at least according to his Twitter account (below):

LOLz! Cute!!

Gronk really got into it, hamming it up for cameras during the event and helping to raise awareness and money for pediatric cancer research (below):

The tight end spoke to the crowd, to, as he was being buzzed, telling everybody:

“This is just an unbelievable event. Just seeing kids, what they’re going through, puts a feeling in you that you want to help them out. You want to raise awareness for all the kids going through the hard times, the struggles, to know that there’s someone there at all times for them.”

And afterwards, he spoke to reporters about it and reiterated his commitment to the event and his team:

“It’s an honor to be here. Every single year, I put it on my calendar, to make sure I’m here at the event. It’s always a blast.”

So sweet!!

And shaved-head Gronk looks pretty damn handsome, too…

[Image via New England Patriots/Twitter.]

Jun 6, 2016 1:35pm PDT

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