Stanford University Rapist’s Mugshot Is FINALLY Released

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Well, it’s about time.

On Monday, the mugshot of unrepentant rapist Brock Turner was finally released a year after his disgusting crime at Stanford University. The mugshot’s emergence comes on the heels of a judge handing Brock the light sentence of six months for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster.

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While Turner’s lenient punishment is particuarly disturbing, the case of his missing mugshot should also give the public cause for concern.

If you haven’t noticed, most tabloids and even some reputable publications have used a smiling yearbook photo of B.T. in their articles on this upsetting case. Considering the heinous nature of Mr. Turner’s crime, it’s a very confusing editorial decision and some would even go as far as to deem it offensive.

Now, after a prolonged wait, Brock’s mugshot has finally arrived to the delight of his detractors who believe the photo is a more accurate representation of who he really is — a criminal.

According to sources at The Cut, neither the Stanford Department of Public Safety nor the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department wanted to take responsibility for the mugshot. Both sides argued that it wasn’t their job to release the pic, which honestly doesn’t make much sense. After all, shouldn’t we be focused on protecting the victim opposed to the perpetrator?

So, what are YOUR thoughts on this controversial case?

[Image via Santa Clara County.]

Jun 6, 2016 7:01pm PDT

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