New Report Claims Amber Heard Hid In Airplane Bathroom For HOURS Just To Avoid Johnny Depp’s ‘Erratic’ Behavior

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It’s so true what they say — you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

In an explosive report via the Daily Mirror, Amber Heard allegedly hid in an airplane bathroom from her estranged husband Johnny Depp in 2013. The former lovers were on a trip to Tokyo, Japan to promote Depp’s film Lone Ranger.

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Per the source, Johnny went on an epic bender once aboard the flight due to the film’s disappointing opening weekend in the United States. From “smoking loads” and intense drinking, the actor was apparently NOT fun to be around.

The insider said of J.D.’s unfortunate behavior:

“Johnny took his family with him on the trip, on a private jet paid for by the studio. During the flight, Johnny was drinking and smoking loads.”

Well, this characterization does fit other anecdotes about the 53-year-old’s alleged alcohol and drug problems!

Apparently fearing for her safety, the blonde escaped to the airplane bathroom where she hid for hours until the flight eventually landed:

“His behaviour became unpredictable, and Amber didn’t want to be around him. But there was nowhere to go on the jet except the bathroom, so she hid in there. She only rejoined him once the plane had landed.”

So scary. What’s especially disturbing is that this alleged encounter occurred barely a year after the couple first got together.

To make matters even worse, the trip ended up being a total wash:

“The rest of the trip was a completely disaster – Johnny continued boozing throughout. The film had tanked at the box office, so it was a difficult trip anyway. He had brought his family along for support, but ended up pushing them away.”

What a disappointing story! It sounds like the icon’s family did everything they could to support him!

On the other hand, this report could be an attempt to do damage control after it was revealed Heard was arrested for domestic violence against her former girlfriend Tasya van Ree at a Seattle Airport back in 2009. If true, it could hurt her domestic abuse claims against Johnny.

Fans have also called into question A.H.’s recent damning texts against the actor despite a forensic analyst’s stamp of authenticity. It seems just about everyone is suspicious of BOTH sides these days.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more info on this he said/she said case emerges.

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Jun 7, 2016 11:54am PST

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