Two Swedish Heroes Who Caught The Stanford Rapist Tell Their Side Of The Story

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Thank goodness for the quick-thinking actions of these two young men.

Carl-Fredrick Arndt and Peter Jonsson are the two Swedish-born graduate students at Stanford University who infamously spotted Brock Turner as he was sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at one of the school’s frat parties last year and held him until police arrived.

Turner, of course, was sentenced to a ridiculously light six-month prison term after being convicted of the horrifying deed — a sentence which sent shockwaves throughout the country and anger towards the judge responsible for not handing out a harsher penalty.

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But now, we’re starting to hear more about Arndt (above, left) and Jonsson (above, right), and how their quick thinking and heroic actions helped at least earn the conviction in the first place — because if not for them, it’s very likely Turner would have walked away from the entire incident unscathed.

The two men — whom the victim refers to as ‘heroes’ in her moving statement that has since gone viral — were interviewed by Swedish newspaper Expressen and gave their reaction to the entire incident on Tuesday.

Arndt said (translated from Swedish, below) that the two came upon the scene while riding their bicycles home late that night:

“We saw that she was not moving, while he was moving a lot, so we stopped and thought, ├óΓé¼╦£This is very strange.’ When he got up we saw that she still wasn’t moving at all, so we walked up and asked something like, ├óΓé¼╦£What are you doing?'”

After the two Good Samaritans exchanged words with Turner, the convicted felon tried to run away, but Jonsson was quick on his feet and caught Turner before he could get very far, tackling him and holding him down while they called police.

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Arndt, meanwhile, turned his attention to the victim to make sure she was still alive and breathing, even though she was clearly unconscious.

In her statement to the court, the victim shared a sincere and deep appreciation for the two mens’ actions (below):

“Thank you to the two men who saved me, who I have yet to meet. I sleep with two bicycles that I drew taped above my bed to remind myself there are heroes in this story. That we are looking out for one another. To have known all of these people, to have felt their protection and love, is something I will never forget.”


These two — both of whom have since graduated with their degrees and moved on with their lives — deserve an incredible amount of gratitude, not only for being there in the moment, but also for going all the way through the trial as key witnesses in the prosecution’s case.

Bravo, gentlemen.

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Jun 7, 2016 5:46pm PDT

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