Meryl Streep Playing Donald Trump On Stage Is The Strangest Thing You HAVE TO SEE TODAY!

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It all makes sense — Meryl Streep really is the greatest actor of our time!

The multiple Oscar winner is so talented, in fact, she was brave enough to don orange face and take on her most challenging and complicated role yet: Donald Trump!

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The star joined The Good Wife‘s Christine Baranski on stage at the Public Theater Gala last night in New York City to perform a bit from the musical Kiss Me Kate!

It was a reimagined song and scene, set to showcase Streep as Trump, and Baranski as Hillary Clinton in a new way to think about chauvinism, all in the style of the musical inspired by William Shakespeare‘s Taming Of The Shrew!

The theme of the gala, held at the Delcorte Theater in NYC’s Central Park, was The United States of Shakespeare, so it makes sense Streep and Baranski would perform a commentary on that — but the head-turner here is the Trump get-up!

Watch Streep perform and sing as The Donald in the grand finale of the event (below)!!!


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Some more clarification from the New York Times writer who was there to see the whole thing go down (below):

Chauvinism? Trump?

Noooo, that would never happen… HA!!!

We just love that Streep keeps taking on such challenging roles.

No doubt she was her happiest when getting this costume OFF though, we can only guess! LOLz!!

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Jun 7, 2016 12:23pm PST

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