The Hiltons Were NOT Shocked To Learn About Conrad’s Parole Violation & Jail Sentence — Get The Scoop!

the hiltons reaction to conrad jail sentence

The Hiltons are certainly “disappointed” in their son Conrad.

As you surely know, Paris Hilton‘s baby bro was sentenced to two months in prison earlier this week and it seems the hotel heir’s wealthy parents, Kathy and Rick Hilton, weren’t shocked by the news. Oh snap!

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A source dished:

“Of course they’re disappointed. But the news wasn’t a surprise for anyone. Conrad has had a drug problem for years, since he was a teen, and it’s never gotten better.”

Whoa. The 22-year-old was slapped with his sentence after admitting to using drugs while on parole for his 2015 arrest. Tsk, tsk!

Unfortunately, Conrad isn’t the first Hilton sibling to have some legal drama as his brother Barron was arrested back in 2008 for a DUI. And who could forget Paris’ brief stint in jail back in 2007 over her own parole violation? Dramaaa!

On how the family is coping with the news, the insider added:

“Given what the family has been through, they’re almost in denial. The Hiltons cope by deflecting. They’re very good at ignoring problems.”

In fact, it appears that the famous family is choosing to focus on the upcoming birth of Nicky Hilton‘s first child. The source concluded:

“Everyone is thinking about the baby. It’s just sad Conrad won’t be there for his niece’s birth.”

Looks like you’re on your own, Conrad. Here’s hoping time will fly for you in prison!

[Image via Conrad Hilton/Instagram.]

Jun 8, 2016 7:51am PDT

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