Chad Proves He’s The ULTIMATE Bachelorette Villain — But Did He Survive His Two-On-One Date With JoJo?

an ode to chad from the baachelorette

*WARNING: The Bachelorette SPOILERS (BELOW)*

Is Chad the craziest contestant in Bachelorette history? Maybe.

On Tuesday’s episode of the hit ABC dating show, the luxury real estate agent took his villainous ways to all sorts of new heights by being both aggressive and legitimately terrifying. Yes, Chad trumped his door punching and shirt ripping antics. Oh man.

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Aside from the villain drama, the episode gave us SEVERAL injuries, a pool party, and more vague metaphors.

Don’t believe us? Be sure to ch-ch-check out the highlights from the drama filled episode for yourself (below)!

1. The Pool Party

In order to mix things up, JoJo *cough* the producers *cough* decided it would be a good idea for the guys to have a pool party rather than a stressful cocktail party. Of course, this meant plenty of booze and one-on-one conversations.

Not to mention, Evan proved once again that he is the most awkward member of the house by getting a nose bleed by simply jumping into the pool. Anywho, we digress…

During the bash, JoJo was able to catch up with the guys and spotted the security guard that was hired to protect the men from the erratic Chad. The Oklahoma native was relatively chill at the party… only until he overheard Derek talking about him to JoJo. This obviously set off Chad, who confronted Derek. Surprisingly, Derek was able to hold his own and called out Chad for his bizarre behavior. Talk about bravery!

2. The Rose Ceremony

Since there was no cocktail party, the Rose Ceremony moved relatively quickly as the brunette beauty said goodbye to Ali, Christian, and Nick. Sniff!

While we didn’t envision the Bachelorette ending up with any of these guys, the remaining men were particularly peeved to see that Chad received the last rose. Nonetheless, JoJo seemed over the drama as she announced that she was taking the contestants away from the mansion and relocating them to a surprise location. Hmm, go on!

3. Luke’s One-On-One

an ode to chad from the baachelorette

After the crew arrived in Nemacolin, Pennsylvania (don’t worry, we never heard of it either) it was revealed Luke would be getting the one-on-one date with JoJo. Sigh!

The already studly Luke came off even hotter as he and JoJo snuggled up during a sledding session through the woods and stripped down to get into a wood fire hot tub. Well played, producers, well played. However, the game changing moment came when Luke opened up about his days in Afghanistan. Don’t worry, JoJo, we’re falling for Luke too!

The veteran ended up scoring not only the date rose, but a free concert by Dan + Shay too. Nice!

4. The Group Date Designed For Aaron Rodgers’ Brother

It wouldn’t be The Bachelorette if there wasn’t at least ONE date that was designed to show off the guys’ manly muscles. Regardless, this outing seemed geared towards one of the show’s frontrunners as it was all about football. In case you forgot, Jordan is the brother of Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers — oh, and Jordan is a former NFL QB too.

The men split up into two teams, with Jordan playing for both sides. Since the losing team was sent home and missed out on a chance to bond more with JoJo, it seemed a tad unfair. Whatever.

This date came with plenty of injuries as James T. was injured in practice and had blood gushing from his forehead. Did we mention that Evan got ANOTHER nose bleed during the game itself? HIGHlarious! JoJo went on to spend more time with the winning team and seemed to click with Robby — mainly because she made out with him on a pool table.

Although, it was Jordan who snagged the date rose as he FINALLY let his walls down and told JoJo how he “really” felt about her. Sorry, Robby!

5. Goliath Chad vs. David Alex

an ode to chad from the baachelorette

Now this is the moment America was waiting for. Once it was announced that mortal enemies Chad and Alex would be going head to head on the two-on-one date (AKA an awkward outing where JoJo must eliminate one of them), all of the men in the house seemed to rally around the pint-sized marine.

Clearly, Chad didn’t appreciate this as he started to bicker with several of the other guys — specifically Jordan. In a crazy turn of events, Chad proceeded to threaten the former QB by saying he would hunt him down once the show ended.

WHAT?? Calm down, bro.

Anyways, Alex and Chad headed out on their date and met up with JoJo for a hiking adventure. This easily could’ve been the worst date EVER as the group awkwardly hacked through the woods to set up camp next to a cold river. On top of it all, JoJo finally got the full extent of Chad’s psychotic tendencies when Alex ratted him out. The reality TV starlet went on to confront the resident bad boy about all of the drama and he didn’t even try to deny it. Thus, Alex scored the date rose.

Like Olivia during Ben Higgins‘ season, Chad was completely abandoned and creepily made his way out of the woods as nightfall came. His whistle may haunt our dreams forever. But, thanks to next episode’s preview, it appears that Chad isn’t going home without a fight.

Make sure to tune into The Bachelorette when it returns on Monday, June 20 at 8 p.m. E.T. on ABC.

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Jun 8, 2016 10:03am PDT

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