Tila Tequila Talks Hunting Illegal Immigrants, Mind-Controlling Donald Trump, & Being A Racist Dictator In Batsh*t NSFW Twitter Rant!

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If there’s one celeb who really knows how to go on a CRAZY Twitter rant that has us question their mental stability it’s definitely Donald Trump Kanye West Tila Tequila — and she’s done it again!

In the past, the Shot at Love star has been known to make some pretty ridiculous Nazi comments, claim the Earth is flat, and SOMEHOW even get her fans to pay for her furniture!

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Well Tila’s most recent controversy could top them all as she posted a pic of herself on Facebook, Instagram, AND Twitter on Tuesday with a caption talking about hunting down illegal immigrants!

The 34-year-old shared:

In news that should shock NO ONE, there was a lot of backlash online as this seemed to continue the petite reality star’s recent racist statements, as she attacked Jennifer Lopez just last week!

In one of MANY ignorant tweets that has since been deleted, she shared:

“I don’t really see anything great about JLo. She’s just a Mexican with money.”

Never mind the fact that Lopez is of Puerto Rican descent, she’s also a singer, dancer, actress, mother, and entrepreneur!

Literally EVERYTHING is great about J.Lo!

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As for Tila’s most recent racist comment, perhaps she forgot that she’s an immigrant seeing as how her real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, and she was born in Singapore after her family fled Vietnam during the war.

The insufferable celeb was raised in Houston, but that doesn’t exactly change where she came from.

Don’t worry though, Miz Tequila wasn’t done yet as she decided to get a few more thoughts off her chest later on Tuesday and first thing Wednesday morning, saying:

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The mother of one — yes, this woman is raising a child — responded to one of her haters saying she is “mind controlling” Donald Trump:

Of course the next natural step was for Tila to channel the GOP candidate and rant like him:

Thought the little star was done? Not a chance!

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Tila continued by replying to haters with the MOST RIDICULOUS answers:


What do you think of Tila’s most recent comments?

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Jun 8, 2016 11:17am PDT

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