Amber Heard’s Arresting Officer From 2009 Domestic Violence Incident Is NOT The Homophobic & Misogynistic Cop She Was Made Out To Be!

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UPDATE 5:51 PM EST: The arresting officer has released a statement on Facebook responding to accusations:

It looks like Amber Heard‘s ex-girlfriend has some explaining to do.

As you may know, the Magic Mike XXL actress was arrested back in 2009 on domestic violence charges after she allegedly grabbed and hit her then partner Tasya van Ree. However, Miz van Ree has since revealed the incident wasn’t “that violent” and that Miz Heard’s booking had hints of misogyny and homophobia.

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While it’s nice to see Tasya jump to Amber’s defense, it appears the artist has left out a few MAJOR details — like the fact that the arresting officer in their case, named Beverly Leonard, is an openly gay woman. Huh.

Not to mention, in addition to being a member of the LGBT community, Beverly has previously donated to a Seattle-based organization that helps victims of domestic violence. That doesn’t really sound like a homophobic, misogynistic cop to us. Just sayin’!

According to a TMZ source, Beverly (who is now retired) is adamant that she did NOT arrest the Texas native because of her romantic life, but because she broke the law. Whoa.

To make matters worse, police documents show Tasya’s pendant was broken during the “lovers’ spat” and the photographer was very upset with Amber over the incident. Hmm, inneresting.

Who knows if we’ll ever know what REALLY happened between these two, still we have a feeling Johnny Depp‘s legal team will use this story against Heard during their divorce proceedings. Merp.

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Jun 9, 2016 8:51am PDT

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