Cher Sues Financial Firm For Losing $800,000 Of Her Money In ‘Risky’ Investments — Oh No!

cher sues financial firm

Watch out!

Cher is on the war path as she is now suing a financial firm for defrauding her out of about $800,000 in bad investments. Yikes!

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The Oscar winner’s suit was filed at the LA County Superior Court on Wednesday on behalf of the Veritas Trust. In case you forgot, the Believe singer is the sole trustee of VT. Apparently, the A-lister has targeted the SAIL Venture Partners and their associated firms for causing her financial woes.

Cher has accused the firm and co. of placing her money in “risky and unsound” investments. To make matters worse, the 70-year-old has called out the SAIL firm’s executives for allegedly participating in “malicious and fraudulent” behavior. Oh snap!

It’s said Cher’s suit is attempting to get financial restitution and punitive damages. However, the specific amount the Moonstruck actress is seeking has yet to be revealed. If only she could turn back time (sorry, we HAD to)!

Hmm, it’ll certainly be inneresting to see how this whole thing plays out in court!

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Jun 9, 2016 10:36am PDT

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