Colton Haynes Just DEMOLISHED The Real O’Neals Star Who Called Him A P*ssy For The Way He Came Out!

Colton is standing up for himself!

Colton Haynes is clapping back!

On Thursday, an interview was released in which Real O’Neals star Noah Galvin slammed the way the 28-year-old came out as gay, calling it “f*cking p*ssy bullsh*t!”

And we weren’t the only ones who thought that was pretty harsh!

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The Arrow actor took to Instagram to defend himself, admitting that he had even previously said the 22-year-old deserves an award for his work on the ABC sitcom, writing:

“It’s extremely ironic that only a month ago I was tweeting this kid & saying he should win an Emmy for his work. Then today he returns the favor by calling me a p*ssy & the worst to the entire world.”

Yeah, that doesn’t exactly seem like a fair exchange.

Not to mention, The CW alum also explained that he and the New York native don’t even know each other, adding:

“Let me just clarify, I’ve never met this kid, so for him to judge me without even meeting & having no idea the struggles I’ve been through or where I come from is absolutely uncalled for and quite embarrassing on his part.”

Aaaaaaaaand that’s another point for Colton!

Plus, he specifically went after Noah for calling out the way he came out, penning:

“Since when is a three pg article in Entertainment Weekly not an appropriate way to come out? And since when did he become the judge of what’s appropriate. Shouldn’t we all just be supporting each other? Enjoy all of your success. You’re young kid… hopefully you’ll eventually learn a thing or two. Good luck. I’m sure I’ll seeya around.
– Colton P*ssy Haynes”

Well, it looks like the young star DID learn a thing or two, because he took to Twitter to apologize, writing:

But that’s not the only sorry statement Noah dished out. He also issued an apology to X-Men director Bryan Singer, who he said likes to “diddle” little boys:

Well hey, at least he apologized.

And you can check out Colton’s full, uncensored post (below):

[Image via FayesVision/Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

Jun 9, 2016 9:23pm PDT

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