Deepak Chopra Says Donald Trump Might Be ‘Emotionally’ & ‘Mentally Retarded’ — Watch!

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Sometimes even the patient ones crack the hardest!

As you surely know, Donald Trump has said some horribly racist things during the course of his Presidential campaign and apparently New Age guru Deepak Chopra can’t take it anymore!

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During an interview on Tuesday with Fox News Radio host Alan Colmes, the doctor of alternative medicine couldn’t hold his frustration for Trump in any longer as he told Colmes that he thought the 69-year-old was “emotionally retarded.” He shared:

“I would never say this unless I believed it was 100% true, but he represents the racist, the bigot, the one who’s prejudiced, the one who is full of fear and hatred, the one who represents emotional retardation of a three-year old. And yet he’s so popular because he’s given permission to our collective psyche to express their darkest demons.”

While we don’t agree with him using the “R word” that way, we definitely don’t disagree with the guru’s sentiments. LOLz!

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Deepak went on to blast the former Celebrity Apprentice star saying:

“He’s full of fear. He is angry. He has a lot of hatred. He pouts, he’s belligerent, he’s emotionally retarded.”

Seeing as how Deepak is such a patient man though, he wasn’t too happy with himself for giving into the negativity by expressing his disdain for Mr. Trump. However, that didn’t stop him from stepping it up a notch saying:

“Maybe I was too kind when I said he was emotionally retarded, maybe he’s mentally retarded too.”

Again, not that we like the word choice, but it’s not like he’s wrong…

Ch-ch-check out the full interview (below) and let us know what you think about Chopra’s comments on the GOP candidate!

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Jun 9, 2016 7:16am PDT

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