Jazz Jennings Expertly Shut Down An Anti-Transgender Teacher Who Accused Her Of ‘Brainwashing’ Kids!

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Jazz Jennings‘ confidence is so inspiring!

On Wednesday night, TLC docu-series I Am Jazz premiered its second season with a major BANG. Not only did the transgender icon slam an ignorant anti-transgender teacher, but she also schooled an entire town hall on LGBT acceptance.

Video: Jazz Talks Her Relationship With Boys

To give a little background on the drama, Jennings appeared at a public town hall to address the anti-LGBTQ Liberty Counsel, the same group that threatened to sue a school in Wisconsin for a planned reading of the teen’s memoir I Am Jazz.

Sadly, the school in question ultimately caved to the hate group’s pressure about eight months prior to last night’s episode.

While J.J. might have lost the fight against the school, she definitely didn’t lose her cool when a heckler at the town hall yelled:

“You are trying to brainwash some of these kids. I think it’s a sick thing basically.”

Ugh! How disgusting and SO ignorant!

The ep’s villain then went on to question the activist’s bathroom use, which has now become a sore subject thanks to recent laws dictating what bathrooms a transgender person can and cannot use.

Despite the man’s taunt, the reality star confidently replied:

“I use the female restrooms because I am female.”

The 15-year-old then went on to add:

“As soon as I could express myself, I instantly said that I was a girl and I knew who I was and I didn’t let anyone else define me.”

Well said, girl! Never let anyone else define who YOU are!

To make her position on LGBT acceptance even more clear, Jazz took to Twitter following the episode’s premiere:

YASSSS!!! We can’t wait to watch Jennings conquer the world with her positivity!

Jun 9, 2016 1:21pm PDT

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