Spencer Pratt Calls Beyonc├â┬⌐’s Lemonade A ‘Marketing Hustle’ & Blames Lady GaGa For Heidi Montag’s Failed Music Career!

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It’s been ten years… but not much has changed.

Spencer Pratt will go down in history as one of reality television’s most vile villains, and now that we’re celebrating The Hills‘ 10-year anniversary, he’s here to remind us why.

The MTV star graciously donated a portion of his day to a phoner with SPIN on Wednesday where he discusses his and Heidi Montag‘s failed music careers, all while trashing today’s biggest pop stars in the process!

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It’s no secret that Speidi’s songs I’m A Celebrity and Higher were less than successful… but as it turns out, that’s actually all Lady GaGa‘s fault!

In fact, Spencer claims the Fame Monster singer is actually his least favorite celebrity EVER, all because she stole one of her hit songs from Heidi, saying:

“Lady GaGa gets least favorite… because [she] was this songwriter. We only [knew] her name was Stefani. She was not even Lady GaGa yet, and she wrote a song with RedOne. RedOne gave it to Heidi and they put it out and everything. And then when it was on The View and getting all this press because Heidi had her Heidi fashion show, and the song Fashion was playing. All of sudden Lady GaGa freaked out, called RedOne, ‘That’s my song! I wanted that!’ and da-da-da. Whatever though, her last album flopped, so she got her karma.

She’s such a fraud and it’s so frustrating. It’s like, you were so edgy and creative and now you’re so glamorous and classy and ride horses in Malibu and date the most atypical stud and ride around on the back of a motorcycle with Bradley Cooper. It’s like, where are all your monsters? Give me a break.”

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all…

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But GaGa isn’t the only celeb currently on Spencer’s sh*t list!

The 32-year-old former reality TV star also thinks Beyonc├â┬⌐ is doing a nice job of tricking the masses into thinking she’s relatable, saying:

“I think it’s the most obvious marketing hustle stunt on the whole planet. I mean, everybody knows that. Everyone just loves anything Beyonc├â┬⌐ and Jay Z. They want to play along, but I don’t believe that one bit. Beyonc├â┬⌐’s not gonna be airing out real-life dirty laundry on records, in my opinion. With all due respect to Jay Z, do you think Beyonc├â┬⌐, the most powerful superhero woman, is gonna tolerate a cheater like that? Yeah right, she’d divorce his ass so fast. No, that doesn’t seem like the Beyonc├â┬⌐ that I’m a fan of. They’re creative artists, so they’re making a story relatable. I don’t see Jay Z finding some girl with good hair to cheat on Beyonc├â┬⌐ with.”

That… actually makes perfect sense…

While Spencer and Heidi may never reclaim their A-List status, at least we can always count on them to give juicy interviews like this one! LOLz!

Never change, Spence.

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Jun 9, 2016 12:27pm PDT

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