Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Will Most Likely Leave Jail 3 Months Early! SRSLY?!

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This is absolutely DISGUSTING!

We’re sure you’re aware there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Brock Turner, the Stanford Rapist, after he received a VERY light sentence for his heinous acts earlier this week.

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As a result of Turner receiving the outrageously light jail time time of six months for his crime, outraged critics have started a petition to unset the judge who made the ruling — Aaron Persky!

Well it seems there’s a whole new reason to be COMPLETELY PISSED as it’s reported that Brock will most likely leave Santa Clara County Jail three months early!

Apparently county jail inmates only serve about half of their time if they’re able to keep a clean disciplinary record. We’re not saying we’re wishing something terrible happens to Brock, but we wouldn’t be disappointed if his record gets a little dirty!

What makes this even more disgusting is Turner’s letter to the judge that came out yesterday makes it seem like he’s just so self centered that he primarily only cares about how his actions have hurt him, completely disregarding his VICTIM.

The only bit of good news is that some of the character witnesses in the case have since apologized and regret any support they may have shown toward the attacker.

While we’ll keep an eye on this as the 20-year-old serves his time, we’ll be hoping karma comes and bites him in the ass!

[Image via NBC.]

Jun 9, 2016 2:53pm PDT

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