Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Placed In Protective Custody At County Jail To Keep Him Safe From Other Inmates!

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It’s going to be a long six months for Brock Turner.

The former Stanford University student convicted of rape will serve his sentence at Santa Clara County jail in protective custody!

According to TMZ, the 20-year-old is being held in an area away from the general inmates and will have a deputy escort him around the grounds at all times.

Though Turner’s protective custody isn’t so much due to his high profile case, but rather the fact that he was convicted of sexual assault — and those inmates tend to be targeted.

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A rep at the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said other types of inmates in protective custody include gang dropouts and LGBT inmates, explaining:

“They’re kept totally separate so they aren’t harmed.”

Earlier this week, Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to a measly six months in county jail for raping an unconscious woman on the Stanford campus in 2015 — but he could be out by September with good behavior.

It looks like in addition to his embarrassingly light sentence, Turner also doesn’t have to face the full prison experience.

What do YOU think of the Stanford rapist getting full protective custody?

[Image via Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.]

Jun 9, 2016 10:08am PDT

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