Amber Heard Source Says Money Is ‘The Lowest Priority’ In The Actress’ Fight For A Permanent Restraining Order!

The controversial case continues...

Amber Heard‘s close confidantes say she’s not in this legal battle for the money.

Sources close to the blonde say that her request for a permanent restraining order against Johnny Depp is only about protecting herself from her estranged husband, who she claims has been violent throughout their relationship.

In fact, insiders insist that money is “the lowest priority” for the 30-year-old, as lawyers on both sides go toe-to-toe over the upcoming hearing.

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However, the eccentric actor’s attorney had previously argued that Miz Heard’s allegations of abuse are just a way for her to “secure a premature financial resolution” to their divorce.

And, the exes’ legal reps had reportedly been in settlement discussions on Friday, and sources close to the Justice League actress even say the 52-year-old’s team proposed an offer.

Insiders explain Johnny is willing to give his former flame $50K each month in spousal support for eight months.

But the gorgeous gal’s confidantes say she hasn’t responded to the A-lister’s terms, because they would also require a mutual restraining order.

They say Amber would not want to be the subject of a restraining order, since she wasn’t the violent one in their relationship.

And, despite seemingly dodging a deposition, sources say the Friday Night Lights alum is looking forward to her day in court next week, because she feels she’s helping to serve as a voice for other domestic violence victims.

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Jun 10, 2016 8:53pm PDT

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