Did Tyga Just Buy His Friend A Lamborghini Despite Recent Money Problems?!

How can he afford this?!

It literally pays to be Tyga‘s friend!

On Wednesday, the rapper was spotted at Scott Disick‘s car dealership, throwing down some serious dough for a bright yellow Lamborghini to match his neon green whip.

The catch?!

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Apparently, the new ride was actually for T-Raww’s FRIEND, not him! The songsmith dropped $200K on the sweet set of wheels, and his buddy was spotted giving the 26-year-old two thumbs up outside the showroom.

Plus, once the purchase was a done deal, the famous father’s friend was the one who rolled out in the new luxury vehicle.

To be fair, Tyga had showed up to the dealership driving his own sports car, so he’d literally need a second person to get the new ride home.

But regardless of who the bright whip is actually for, we’re a little surprised that the California native is able to part with such a huge amount of cash, considering her and ex Blac Chyna literally JUST held an expensive estate sale.

Not to mention, the artist’s 2013 Lambo was in danger of being repossessed only a few months ago due to debt drama.

[Image via Tyga/Instagram.]

Jun 10, 2016 1:51pm PDT

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