Christina Grimmie May Have Been Fatally Shot By A ‘Deranged Fan,’ According To Reports

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This is so awful.

As we reported, The Voice alum Christina Grimmie was shot and killed at a show on Friday night in Orlando, Florida — and now, police are zeroing in on why.

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According to Orlando Police Chief John Mina, it appears that a deranged fan is the one responsible for shooting and killing Grimmie.

Mina said, simply, at a press conference:

“That would be speculation, but that’s what it’s looking like.”

According to authorities, the fan apparently traveled from elsewhere in Florida to Orlando carrying two handguns and a hunting knife with the intent to commit the crime.

After the shooting, Grimmie’s older brother Marcus tackled him to the ground, at which point the suspect killed himself.

Police said they were working to release his name later on Saturday morning.

And Mina did not have a good motive for the crime other than the randomness of it, saying:

“There’s no indication that he knew her, we’re looking into that to try and find a motive for the crime.”

He also gave a nod to Marcus’ quick-thinking actions that could have prevented further loss of life by immediately tackling the suspect to the ground:

“Very heroic actions by Marcus to jump in, and definitely could have prevented further loss of life.”

So, so sad.

RIP, Christina.

[Image via Jaime Espinoza/WENN.]

Jun 11, 2016 11:59am PDT

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