People Are Coming Out Of The Closet In Response To Orlando Shooting!

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This is so inspiring!!

It’s sad that an awful tragedy like Sunday morning’s Orlando nightclub shooting is the cause of this, but we are SO happy to see people coming out and living their authentic life as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender!

Following the shooting — and the swelling of gay pride despite the terror attack — people from all over the world are coming out and owning it! PRIDE!!!

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There are countless examples of it in just the last day, but take, as one, 28-year-old lawyer Ashley Connick.

Married to his wife of three years, he came out on Twitter yesterday using the bisexual pride flag — and even though his wife had known about his orientation, this was news to everyone else in his life.

He said:

“Looking at the news yesterday made me so profoundly sad about the invasion of the sanctity of a safe place. And it made me feel as though it was really important for a little bit more visibility and for people to understand that everybody needs to be safe, and that everywhere there are people who are affected and who are part of this community.”

So right!!!

Connick continued about his experiencing making it “official”:

“Everybody’s been really lovely. I haven’t had any adverse reactions. People I don’t know and have never met have said they’re proud of me and appreciate it, and that makes life slightly easier. I’ve sent the tweet and various messages to my closest friends. They’ve been lovely as well ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ asking question but doing so nicely. They’ve just asked if my is wife OK. They’ve just said ├óΓé¼╦£It changes nothing’, which is lovely. It gives you the reassurance you want.”

And Connick — who lives in United Arab Emirates — isn’t the only one to come out… not by a long shot!

Scores of people either came out of the closet completely, or did so by telling their parents and sharing their sexual orientation and identity on social media in what became an extremely uplifting trend!

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Others, like Logan Kenny, detailed how they came out to family members, and while some certainly had tough conversations, they found a safe space online (below):


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That final couple pictured above — 18-year-old Jack Gebben and Jason Kent — had some very poignant words to end on when asked about their #GaysBreakTheInternet post (below):

“As a gay couple in a world full of hate we share so much love between the two of us and nothing as violent as the shooting in Orlando will silence it. What happened this past weekend is traumatizing for many and painful for the entire gay community. Our sorrows go out to each and every one of the victims and their families/friends weeping over a death they could not escape. Violence will never win. It may defeat, but will never conquer. We’re all so strong and will stand up to violence and give back twice the amount of love, our thoughts go out to everyone who’s lives have been affected by this disaster, but love conquers hate. Love strong and love always!”

So well said!


[Image via Twitter.]

Jun 13, 2016 2:23pm PDT

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