Bethenny Frankel Dishes On Her ‘Separated Married’ Boyfriend After Intense Backlash — Drama!

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Well, at least Bethenny Frankel is being honest.

On Tuesday, Bethenny took to Twitter to clear the air about recent and controversial rumors over her new man Dennis Shields. Ever since word of their romance broke, the backlash has been INTENSE.

Video: Bethenny Calls Luann De Lesseps A Slut!

As for why people are so angry over Frankel and Shield’s relationship, it might have to do with the fact that her boyfriend is married to her high school pal Jill Schwartzberg. The two have been husband and wife since 1990.

Considering the reality star just CRUSHED Luann De Lesseps for her alleged man stealing and flings with married men, fans were quick to call her out on her supposed hypocrisy. It was a big blow for Real Housewives of New York addicts who view B.F. as the voice of reason on the show!

Luckily for RHONY disciples, the momma cleared the air about her scandalous romance after a fan made a nasty comment on Twitter:

Oh, so Dennis is SEPARATED from his wife. Inneresting! It’s especially ironic considering Bethenny is STILL F*CKING married to her ex Jason Hoppy!

Despite all the hate online, the mogul is looking at the bright side of her dramatic life:

Ha! Well, we guess Bethenny has got to get that divorce dough — she doesn’t want to be married to Jason forever!

In an even more suprising twist, the brunette admitted that she still has love for her cast mates despite calling them “sluts” and “liars”:

Hmm… we wonder how Luann feels about this confession. The countess is known for holding onto grudges!

So, do YOU buy Bethenny’s story?

Jun 14, 2016 1:02pm PDT

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