This Teen Powered Through Wisdom Teeth Surgery Just To See Beyoncé In Concert!

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Talk about dedication!

In your Beyonc├â┬⌐ super fan news of the week, a teen in Pennsylvania named Chelsey Bunner attended the singer’s concert just TWO days after having her wisdom teeth removed.

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Wow, Chelsey must have been on a sh*t ton of drugs when this went down! Or it’s more than possible that her pure love for Bey canceled out the pain!

According to BuzzFeed News, Ms. Bunner was in a hard spot when she learned that her mother had scheduled her surgery just two days before the show. Considering she had already spent $200 dollars to see her beloved queen perform, she faced a difficult decision… with her face…

Similarly to most badass Beyonc├â┬⌐ fans, Chelsea did everything in her power to see the musician live — even if it meant powering through an insane amount of pain and drugs!

Speaking on her crazy post-surgery concert experience, Chelsey revealed:

“I brought this huge purse and in the purse there were two other bags, one that contained medication and water, and then a lunchbox loaded with ice packs. At at the end of the night my whole mouth was throbbing. It was worth it, though.”

Ha! We especially love Bunner’s head bandage and homemade sign paying tribute to the comical situation!

The dedicated teen went on to add:

“I had a blast. Even through the ice packs and meds, it was the best concert I’d ever been too.”

Well, it sounds like the teen made the right decision. We’re just glad everything went smoothly and that Chelsey returned home safely!

Check out Chelsey’s funny tweet about the night (below)!

So, would YOU have gone to the concert post-surgery?

[Image via Twitter/Chelsey Bunner.]

Jun 14, 2016 6:04pm PDT

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