Orlando Shooting Survivors Speak At Press Conference — As Doctors Say We’ll See ‘Death Toll Rise’

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This is so tough to handle… but it’s necessary to hear these stories if we ever want real change to our country’s gun laws.

Doctors and victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting assembled on Tuesday morning for a major press conference to update the media on the number of injured, as well as the conditions of some of those wounded.

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At the press conference, one survivor — Angel Colon — spoke publicly about his experience in the attack, where he was wounded after gunman Omar Mateen shot him three times in the leg.

Colon said:

“It’s still fresh to me. We were just having a great time… having a drink.”

From there, as the shots rang out, Colon was hit in the leg and fell — eventually getting run over by other patrons desperate to leave the club:

“I got trampled over. I hear him come back, he’s shooting everyone down on the floor. I look over and he shoots the girl next to me. He’s just doing this for another 5-10 minutes. I don’t feel pain, but I feel all this blood on me from myself, other people… there were just bodies everywhere.”


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Watch more from Colon (below):

Doctors speaking at the press conference were visibly shocked by how much carnage they had to endure as they did their jobs to try to save nearly five dozen lives.

Dr. Kathryn Bondani summed it up well, unfortunately, when asked about the bodies coming into Orange Regional Medical Center:

“They were being dropped off in truckloads.”

Another doctor, Dr. Michael Cheatham, informed reporters that currently there are 16 patients still in the hospital in stable condition, with another five that are “guarded.”

He also informed the media that six people are still currently listed in critical condition.

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He also had some scary things to say:

“I would be surprised if we do not see the death toll rise from this. We’re doing everything we possible can to pull them through this, but they are critically ill as a result of their injuries.”


As if this tragedy isn’t already bad enough, it’d be awful to lose more people to this senseless, scary act of violence.

[Image via CNN.]

Jun 14, 2016 1:54pm PST

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