Orlando Shooting: Shooter Applied To Be A Police Officer Just One Year Before The Massacre

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What a scary revelation.

Following the violent tragedy that occurred in Orlando this past weekend, more disturbing information has come to light on the shooter. According to the Daily Mail Online, the murderer had applied to be a police officer at the law enforcement academy in his hometown of Fort Pierce, Florida.

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While the murderer’s application was ultimately rejected, members at the academy remain haunted by his past behavior and possible motivation for joining the force. Sources close to the situation believe the disturbed man intended to “infiltrate” the school to learn tactics for future crimes.

One insider theorized:

“In the light of what happened in Orlando this weekend, I believe he was trying to infiltrate the school to understand how policing works on a day-to-day basis. I believe he wanted to find a way to get hired by a police force after the end of the program and carry out whatever nefarious plan he may have had while in a uniform.”

What a horrifying possibility. Considering the killer once worked as a security guard, this scenario makes sense.

Although the morally corrupt man filled out a “25-page questionnaire in addition to a one-on-one interview”, he was rejected most likely due to the fact that he was questioned by the FBI twice in the past few years.

Despite his rejection, the mass murderer showed up at the academy to appeal the decision:

”He was with his dad. At the interview, he was aggressive from the moment he came to the office. Everything was an argument. Within three minutes, he started talking about how futile it was for him to apply. You won’t let me in because I’m a Muslim. Religion isn’t even a question on the application form. He volunteered that information. He wasn’t asked. But that’s all he kept talking about.”

Wow. It’s clear the criminal was disturbed and hateful for a very, very long time.

The source went on to add:

“There were just too many red flags. One of them was the fact this young man did not have the true motivation to be a police officer.”

It’s just a shame these “red flags” weren’t enough to do something back then.

We’ll keep you updated as more information surfaces.

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Jun 14, 2016 6:18pm PDT

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