Taylor Swift’s Single Summer Will Be All About HER — Calvin Harris Is History!

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Calvin Harris is already a distant memory to single gal Taylor Swift!

Following the couple’s breakup earlier this month, sources have come forward to reveal how Tay will be spending her days now that she’s flying solo.

Listen: Calvin Knew Early On Taylor Wasn’t The One!

While Swift has been painted time and time again as a love obsessed chick focused on relationships and revenge, insiders claim this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, T.S. has already decided this summer will be all about HER!

A confidante via E! News said of Swift’s renewed state of mind:

“Taylor is hanging out with her friends and keeping busy. She wants to be single for a while and have a relaxing summer. She has some plans to travel this summer. Taylor has also been writing new music.”

This sounds like a perfectly healthy way to get over a split! Not to mention it’s refreshingly low-key!

In addition to friends and traveling, the blonde has also taken to the gym a la Khloé Kardashian style to cope with her new single status:

“She is doing a mixture of strength training with her trainer that she sees regularly and Working with Body by Simone. She works out with her girlfriends and also on her own. She puts in about five days a week with working out.”

Well, there’s nothing more satisfying than a revenge body! Werk!

Summing up Taylor’s personal progress since the split, the insider confided:

“Taylor is not sad anymore about the breakup. She knows it was for the best. They are not on bad terms. They have communicated since the breakup, but getting back together is something that’s not in the cards for either of them.”

Well, you lose some and you win some.

Here’s to summer 2016! Woot!

Jun 14, 2016 6:45pm PDT

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