Teen Mom 2 Reunion Show Gets Cruel As Nathan Griffiths Calls Jenelle Evans A Self-Abusing Heroin Addict Who Gained ’30 Or 40 LBs’!

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Now THIS was a crazy reunion show!!

The Teen Mom 2 cast got together for their MTV reunion after the end of season 7, and part one of their two-part look-back special did NOT disappoint in the entertainment department!

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The cast sat down with Dr. Drew Pinsky to talk about everything that happened during season 7, and most of the controversy at the roundtable centered, predictably, around Jenelle Evans and her ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith.

Things came to a head early when the two sat down with Dr. Drew, and almost immediately, Nathan accused Jenelle of being on heroin!

Griffith lashed out at Jenelle over drug abuse and then he took it beyond the pale, accusing her of abusing herself and making up attention by claiming boyfriends had done it:

“All these boyfriends are supposedly abusing her, when she’s abusing herself. Might wanna show them the little cut on your wrist too.”

Seriously?! Too far, Nathan!!

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He continued, throwing Jenelle under the bus as being an unfit mother who has drugs around her at all times:

“My son is in an unstable environment with two drug addicts, where you see weed in the background, smoking constantly. Now you have this mysterious illness? You’re not capable of taking care of him. You are totally unstable.”


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Inexplicably, that might not have even been the worst part for these two…

Nathan — who had his lawyer state on the record in a court deposition that sex with Jenelle was “painful” — took a REALLY low blow last night when he called Jenelle “fat” and accused her of gaining weight. WTF?!?!

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After he got angry with Jenelle over how she discusses her sex life, she shot at him:

“I’m sorry it bothers you that I talk about my sex life. Sorry I’m not with you anymore.”

And he fired back totally inappropriately:

“I don’t want you to be with me. I mean, like, how much pounds have you gained? You gained, like, 30 or 40 pounds, didn’t you?”


Nathan, buddy, look in a mirror…

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We also learned Nathan apparently tried to choke Kieffer Delp, Jenelle’s infamous ex who is still in her life. Yeah, Nathan did not come away looking too good last night.

It wasn’t JUST the Nathan show last night though — we also learn more about Jenelle’s current squeeze David Eason and his (very good) relationship with Jenelle’s mom Barbara.

Apparently, the two are BFFs now, having bonded after a night of drinking. Um… yay? LOLz! Oh, and apparently Barbara joined Tinder at one point to try to find men. Oh boy…

But lest you think it was all Jenelle, Leah Messer spoke out at the reunion special, too, and had herself some drama as well!

The momma threw shade at Jeremy Calvert‘s (lack of) parenting skills, revealing that he goes weeks without seeing their daughter, saying:

“He was doing great, but he just, like, moved in with his girlfriend to Ohio … but he said he got laid off because he asked to come out here [for this reunion].”


While Leah admitted earlier this year that she still loved Jeremy, his new girlfriend helped her get over things VERY quickly.

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Leah did have one good moment, though, when she officially made up with Corey Simms — and now it appears the two are ready to move on positively.

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Even though Corey didn’t show up in person to the reunion, he was on a video call, saying:

“When you bring up stuff from the past, obviously it stirs up a bunch of emotions from the past. I felt like I was doing the best I could, and you always [made it seem] like I was doing nothing. If I came off as singling you out or harsh, I apologize.”


That’s not a bad way to wrap things up… well, until next week’s part two, that is!

You can tune into the second segment of the Teen Mom 2 reunion at 10:00 p.m. ET on MTV next Monday night!

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Jun 14, 2016 12:27pm PST

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