O.J. Simpson Reportedly Confessed To Having ‘Dreams Of Killing’ Ex-Wife Nicole Brown Simpson

O.J. Simpson

This is so disturbing.

O.J. Simpson‘s longtime friend Ron Shipp says the former footballer confessed to having “dreams of killing” ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

The former LAPD officer — who is featured in the new ABC/ESPN multi-part documentary series O.J.: Made in America — told People the suspicious conversation took place at the athlete’s Rockingham property the day after Nicole and Ron Goldman were slain.

Shipp — who has known the now-68-year-old since he was 16 — confessed:

“We walked to the driveway and O.J. said, ‘Ron, I need to talk to you.'”

After they moved into the privacy of the master bedroom suite, Shipp recounted:

“He said, ‘You know, they tried to get me to take a lie detector test.'”

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When Shipp asked if O.J. had taken the test, he said Simpson replied:

“‘Well, no, Shipp.”

While jokingly adding with a laugh:

“I’ve had dreams of killing her.”

Wow. Although it may be new information for us, this is all evidence that Shipp testified to in court during Simpson’s criminal trial.

And this was just one of several “red flags” pointing to O.J.’s guilt.

Shipp shared:

“The first red flag for me was when I saw the cut, when I saw his hand all bandaged up, especially since it’s the day after your ex-wife was found dead. I’ve been on calls where people repeatedly stabbed each other and they always seem to cut themselves. I asked the coroner once, ‘Why do they cut themselves?’ And he said, ‘Because the knife slips in their hand and they are hitting bone and there’s blood.'”

It especially bothered Shipp that Simpson apparently “changed his story about the cut three different times.”

Ron also admitted to feeling uneasy when the troubled former athlete asked him about the timeline of the DNA testing of blood:

“He takes me up to his room and starts asking me questions that in my mind only a guilty person would ask. He’s got this cut finger and scratches all over his other hand and I thought, ‘Why would you ask me a question about how long does it take DNA to come back?'”

Yeah, that’s awfully fishy…

So with all of that incriminating evidence, Ron began to believe his friend was guilty:

“When he said that, I wanted to get the hell out of that room. I said to myself, ‘He did it. I’m in the room with a double murderer. I got in the car and called my wife and I was crying like a baby. I said, ‘Honey, he did it.'”

Wow. So intense!

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Jun 15, 2016 3:51pm PST

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