Orlando Shooter’s Security Firm Didn’t Take Away His Gun After He Claimed To Have Family Connections To Al Qaeda

But they did transfer him to an 'unarmed' position.

More disturbing details are surfacing about Omar Mateen‘s past.

We already knew that the gunman — who senselessly killed 49 people and injured dozens more when he opened fire inside Orlando nightclub Pulse early Sunday morning — worked for a security firm.

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But apparently, his employer had been alerted to some serious statements he had made about terrorist organizations, and STILL allowed him to carry a gun.

The killer had been working for G4S Secure Solutions USA, Inc. since 2007, and was stationed at St. Lucie County Courthouse in 2013.

FBI Director James Comey had said earlier this week that colleagues claimed Omar boasted of family connections to al Qaeda and Hezbollah, and that he wanted the cops to raid his home “so he could martyr himself.”

After those comments, county Sheriff Ken Mascara says officials from the courthouse immediately requested that the Florida resident would be removed from his station at the building.

So, the firm relocated Omar from the courthouse to PGA Village gated retirement community, but a spokesperson told NBC News that he was still allowed to carry a weapon for the job, even though he was now working an “unarmed” post.

How can they possibly call it an unarmed position if he was still armed?!

But that’s not the only complaint about him. Former G4S security guard Daniel Gilroy — who worked with Omar at PGA Village — alleged to the firm that his colleague would go on angry tirades and often talk about killing people.

Daniel told the media that his supervisors straight-up ignored his complaints AND his request for a transfer. So, Mr. Gilroy quit G4S, but claims he continued to receive angry texts and threats from Mateen even after he had left the job.

However, the firm spokesperson says they never found any record of emails, phone calls, or talks Daniel had with his supervisors to make those complaints, and didn’t find evidence of issues from any other employees.

This new report is incredibly disturbing, considering Omar supposedly pledged his allegiance to ISIS during his atrocious attack on Pulse, his wife apparently knew he was planning out the massacre at the gay club, and he reportedly threatened to shoot up his school when he was in fifth grade.

What do you think about all this, Perezcious readers?

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Jun 15, 2016 7:43pm PDT

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