Orlando Shooting: Survivor Reveals Why The Shooter Attacked & Says She Was Spared Because He Felt ‘Black People Suffered Enough’

This survivor is sharing her story.

We applaud Jasmine Carter‘s bravery for speaking about surviving that terrible tragedy.

On Tuesday, the 20-year-old spoke during a press conference about surviving the senseless shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on Sunday that killed 49 people and injured so many more.

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The victim, who shared her story from a wheelchair, explained to the press that she, her friend Tiara Parker, and Tiara’s cousin Akyra Murray — who were all on vacation in the Florida city — had a fun night at the gay club and called an Uber when the shots started, saying:

“We went from having the time of our lives to the worst night of our lives in a matter of minutes.”

The injured girl explained that she and Akyra had managed to crawl outside, but went back when they realized Tiara was still inside.

When they found her, the three girls hid in the bathroom.

While they sought shelter in a stall, the gunman walked in and started shooting. Jasmine was shot in both legs, Tiara was shot in the side, and 18-year-old Akyra was hit in her arm and bleeding heavily.

The teen tragically died from her injuries.

When Jasmine scoped out the horrific scene, she saw bodies “piled on top of each other on the toilet seat” in other stalls.

She also revealed that the shooter called 911 from the bathroom, explaining why he was massacring all these people, recalling:

“He said the reason why he was doing this is he wanted America to stop bombing his country.”

Even though the killer is an American citizen and was born in the States, his parents are from Afghanistan, so it’s probable that’s the country he’s referencing.

The Philadelphia native then described a chilling question the gunman posed to his victims in the bathroom, remembering that he asked:

“Are there any black people in here?”

And while she stayed silent, another black person responded. Jasmine described the murderer’s response:

“I don’t have a problem with black people. This is about my country. You guys suffered enough.”

Carter added that the shooter continued to have more conversations with the people in the bathroom until the police began firing.

The shots blew out the wall and burst pipes, so the room began to fill with water. That’s when Jasmine says she accepted death:

“I said, ‘God, if this is how I have to go, please take me, I just don’t want any more shots.’ I didn’t want to feel any more pain.”

In the chaos, the gunman killed another three people, including a stranger who had been protecting her:

“If it wasn’t for that person shielding me, it would’ve been me shot and I wouldn’t be sitting here today.”

Akyra was the youngest person killed in the assault, and the survivor says she wishes she had told the teenager to wait outside before going back in to find Tiara.

But, the girl’s mother “told me to not feel guilty, God has his plan.”

Our hearts are so heavy from this senseless crime, and our thoughts are with everyone affected during this trying time.

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Jun 15, 2016 8:34pm PDT

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