Orlando Shooter’s Father BLAMES Pulse Nightclub For The Massacre!

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We have no words…

On Tuesday, the Orlando shooter’s father, Seddique Mateen gave an interview to Fox35 where instead of recognizing son Omar Mateen‘s actions, he blames Pulse Nightclub for the tragedy that claimed 50 lives, including the gunman.

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In his interview, the gunman’s dad points the finger at the club’s security, saying they were ill equipped to handle 300 people. SRSLY?!

The father of the gunman told reporters:

“If the owner of this club knew that 300 people were coming, or 400 people, they should have had the best security.”

Mateen then went on to say that the tragedy probably wouldn’t have happened if security was improved.

The father of the deceased attacker was also asked if he knew the whereabouts of his daughter-in-law who has come under heat for admitting she knew about the attack and tried to stop her husband Omar! Seddique stayed mum on the matter though, saying:

“Right now, if you’re asking me about my daughter-in-law, so I’m not going to have any answer for you.”

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Of course, this isn’t the first time his statements have angered readers. As we reported, he said in a Facebook video:

“God will punish those involved in homosexuality.”

Seddique has since attempted to clear up his controversial comments saying:

“He doesn’t have the right, nobody has the right to harm anything, anybody. What a person’s lifestyle is, is up to him. It’s a free country. Everybody has their own choice to live the way they want to live.”

Obviously Omar’s dad doesn’t understand that when you’re the father of the gunman, it might just be best to keep your controversial opinions to yourself.

What do you think of the disgusting blame game Omar’s father is trying to play?

[Image via FOX.]

Jun 15, 2016 7:25am PST

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