Orlando Shooting Survivor Shares Story Of Looking Gunman In The Eye While Playing Dead — As Her Cousin Died In Her Arms

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We’re still learning more from Sunday morning’s tragic attack at Pulse nightclub.

From shocking new information on gunman Omar Mateen, to heartbreaking stories from survivors, the Orlando attack affected so many we’ll probably keep getting terrifying new details for some time.

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Tiara Parker (above left) has shared her incredibly scary experience, and it’s one of the worst things we’ve ever heard.

Tiara shared with PEOPLE that she was out celebrating her cousin Akyra Murray‘s (above right) high school graduation with their other friend Patience Carter at Pulse.

As soon as Tiara and her friends heard gunfire, they ran for cover and hid in one of the club’s bathroom stalls along with about 20 other people.

Unfortunately, the shooter discovered their hiding spot and opened fire on them. Both Tiara and Akyra were among the first people shot. Parker told Fox 29:

“We were all held hostage in the bathroom. For hours, I am laying in blood. I got people’s body fragments on me. Somebody’s face was blown off.”

Shortly after the bathroom shooting, Parker recalls being concerned about her younger cousin, who was struck in the arm, encouraging her and the rest of the people in hiding saying, “Don’t give up, you’re getting out of here.”

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But the terror didn’t stop there as Tiara says that she had to play dead while Omar bent down and made eye contact with her to make sure she was dead! The survivor explained:

“Right then and there I knew my life was over. I wasn’t accepting [death] but I was going to have to. It was a forced thing. I was going to have to accept it because there is no way I was getting out of there.”

Throughout the entire attack, Tiara knew that people were dying around her so she did her best to stay silent by using a finger tapping system to let nearby friends know she was still alive.

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Sadly though, Akyra didn’t make it as her cousin said it was moments before police entered the building that her relative died in her lap. A very emotional Parker revealed:

“[Akyra] was trying to stay [awake] but I think she took her last breath in my lap. I was trying to get her out of there but she didn’t make it. I had her in my lap, I couldn’t carry her fully but I was trying.”

The deceased girl’s parents also spoke about the death of their daughter. Her father, Albert Murray said:

“The night it happened, I didn’t really want her to go and she just kept begging me, ‘dad take me,’ and I said ‘she’s on vacation.'”

Akyra’s mother, Natalie Murray, spoke about the final moments with her daughter ,saying:

“I received a phone call from my daughter saying ‘Mom, I’ve been shot in the arm, help me please, I’m scared, I am bleeding so bad. Please help me, call the cops, please help me. I guess at that point she was in the bathroom, and the assailant guy was in there with them.”

For Tiara, most of the rest of the night was a blur as she was taken to a local hospital and treated for her injuries:

“It feels like a nightmare but then I realize it’s reality.”

We can’t even begin to imagine going through something so scary, but we’re glad Tiara is okay and our hearts go out to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

[Image via Facebook/FOX.]

Jun 15, 2016 9:43am PDT

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