Orlando Shooting: Texas Rep Sends ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ Then Blocks LGBT Protection Bill — And Argues Pulse Was Not A Gay Club

All this comes after he offered his 'thoughts and prayers' to the victims.

What the f*ck.

Even in the wake of a senseless shooting targeting the LGBT community, we still have jerks like this guy blocking bills that work to eradicate discrimination.

On Tuesday, House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions prevented a vote on a proposal that would ban federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees.

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This is the third time Republican leaders have shot down this bill, filed by New York Representative Sean Patrick Maloney.

And what’s worse, before the vote, the congressman adamantly insisted that Pulse nightclub — the site of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history — was NOT a gay club, telling National Journal reporter Daniel Newhauser:

“It was a young person’s nightclub, I’m told. And there were some [LGBT people] there, but it was mostly Latinos.”

Daniel took to Twitter to detail the exchange about the vote, posting:

He also added that Pete’s people tried to brush off the controversial comment:

But, we’re calling bullsh*t on that one, since Pulse’s own website describes the hotspot as “Orlando’s hottest gay bar located in the heart of downtown.”

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However, it’s possible Rep. Sessions didn’t bother to learn a single thing about the shooting site when he offered up his “thoughts and prayers” on Sunday:

We think that Pete is in desperate need of that “shift of consciousness” RuPaul mentioned while speaking on the shooting.

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Jun 15, 2016 5:02pm PDT

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