Orlando Shooting: RuPaul Talks About Drag Race Alumni Who Were At Pulse That Night, Says America Is ‘Shaken To The Core’

RuPaul gets real about the terrible tragedy.

RuPaul is speaking out about last weekend’s senseless shooting in Orlando.

On Wednesday, the RuPaul’s Drag Race host opened up to Access Hollywood about the terrible tragedy, explaining that it’s been difficult for the American people to cope with the horrific massacre that killed 49 people and injured dozens more.

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The Skin Wars star said this disgusting act has rocked everyone across the country, saying:

“Every American who believes in what this country stands for is shaken to the core. Shaken to the core, and it really does have to stop.”

And in order for it to stop, the California native insists that we, as a nation, have to change our way of thinking:

“A collective shift in our consciousness has to happen. That’s the solution.”

But in the wake of an act fueled by such incomprehensible hate, the TV personality says acceptance and love is the only way we can start that shift, adding:

“I do know that love, and I believe in love, is the first step.”

The 55-year-old also revealed he is indirectly connected to the cruel case, telling the show’s hosts that two former contestants on his popular Logo show, Kenya Michaels and Roxxxy Andrews were at Pulse nightclub that night.

And while he hasn’t yet spoken to the drag queens, Ru says they are safe, and that this horrible crime took place in Miz Andrews’ longtime performance space:

“Roxxxy Andrews, that’s her home club. That’s the club that’s her base.”

But the singer explained that Season 1 alum Jade Sotomayor tragically lost a relative in the country’s worst mass shooting:

“I know that Jade Sotomayor, her cousin was one of the victims.”

That would be the first identified victim, Edward Sotomayor, Jr.

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The author also explained the fact that gay men can’t donate blood is “a relic of the ’80s,” and hopes that this immense tragedy will ignite a change in that archaic law:

“We’re still a very primitive culture. Unfortunately, maybe it’s occasions like this that will advance us, will push us forward.”

And in the wake of the mass murder, Ru is still reeling:

“I’ve been really numbed by this on so many different levels, not only as an American, but as a human being, to see that we’re still in that place… The American people have some real soul-searching to do, and not just on this. Across the board.”

You can watch RuPaul’s entire interview here.

[Image via Access Hollywood.]

Jun 15, 2016 3:36pm PDT

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