Calvin Harris Is No Longer Following Taylor Swift On Social Media — Is Tom Hiddleston To Blame?!

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Can you say DRAMA?

Just a few weeks after Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift unexpectedly split, a zealous fan discovered that the DJ is no longer following his ex on social media.

Hmm… we wonder if Tay’s NEW RELATIONSHIP with Tom Hiddleston might have something to do with this change? The new lovebirds did first meet while Harris was supposedly dating the blonde, after all!

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What’s particuarly interesting about this development is that while Harris has ditched Swift’s Twitter feed, she’s still keeping up with his.

Ha! What a consolation prize…

Check out the photographic evidence of C.H.’s snub or BROKEN HEART (below)!

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Hmm… it looks like this breakup wasn’t as peachy keen as we were led to believe. Or perhaps something went down over the past two weeks — ya never know!

To make even matters more suspicious, the musician took things one step further by blocking the blonde’s fans while also deleting his mature tweet about their breakup.

Oh, and he also unfollowed the Swifty’s brother Austin Swift!

Well, there ya go! No love lost there!

So, how long do you think it will be before Taylor unfollows Calvin?

[Image via Columbia Records.]

Jun 15, 2016 6:32pm PDT

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