THIS Mom Just Proved How The Tragic Alligator Attack Could Have Happened To Any Family!

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Wow, this information is absolutely heartbreaking!

Following the tragic death of toddler Lane Graves at a Disney resort, a mother at the same hotel has come forward to defend his grief stricken parents.

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Jennifer Venditti Roye, a mom with a young son of her own, took to Facebook on Wednesday morning to share her insider perspective on the horrific alligator attack and to explain her position as to why it could have happened to ANYONE who had visited the Seven Seas Lagoon that day. In fact, Roye’s precious son had stood by the lake’s edge that same night, just HOURS before poor Lane was snatched.

The concerned mother also spoke with People Magazine about the horrible situation, saying:

“There is a time to be critical when parents are doing drugs and their children get hurt. But this is just not the time. It’s heartbreaking. It could have been [my son]. We had been there every night. What a tragedy.”

Very good point, Jennifer! A lot of people have given the suffering parents flack for the tragedy but not many know that a movie night had been organized near the lagoon and that a splash-pad water slide was just a few feet away. Apparently little kids had been running back and forth from the slide to the lagoon all night.

The momma went on to add:

“Not at all did that cross my mind that there would be alligators in that area. There were tons of families just roasting marshmallows. The Grand Floridian had provided the activity for kids, right there on the beach. And the water was just ankle deep. Where that beach is ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ it’s a small cove, so central, with the resort area built around it. There’s a pool nearby. It’s well-lit. Well-traveled. Not off the beaten path where you think anything would be lurking. I never would have dreamed in a million years that there would have been an alligator there. It’s a very small area. You could actually sit at one of the chairs and watch your child run from [each area], and that’s what a lot of people were doing.”

Well, it sounds like the resort should add a sign warning guests of potential alligators in addition to the no swimming policy. It makes sense since many of the children weren’t swimming that evening — most of the kids were simply standing at the water’s edge.

Summing up her position on the situation, the mom expressed:

“These people that were saying the parents weren’t watching him? You know, negligence? Well, I usually have three small children in tow. This time I was blessed to have just one. With one, with my undivided attention because I don’t know anybody there and it’s just he and I, I still chose to let him in that water and play. ‘Stand there a little longer let me take some more pretty pictures.’ I consider myself a consciousness parent and I allowed my child to do that same thing right before that same incident, never thinking that an alligator might be in that central area.”

Preach, girl!

Take a look at the parent’s full Facebook post (below)!

[Image via Facebook.]

Jun 16, 2016 6:54pm PST

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