Is Lupita Nyong’o Acting Like A Diva On Broadway?! See The Allegations About ‘Pissed’ Fans & Investors HERE!

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Say it ain’t so!

Lupita Nyong’o just seemed so sweet and earnest when she won her Oscar.

That’s why we’re REALLY hoping these latest reports about the 12 Years A Slave actress being a diva during her Broadway show Eclipsed are NOT true!

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A source recently told Page Six that Lupita has been causing some drama by missing shows and even unofficially requesting days off!

The inside revealed:

“Wednesdays are her days off, but there was never an announcement, so fans are pissed when they come to the show and she’s not there.”

Apparently some of the excuses even include things like “exhaustion or ‘I have a sore toe'”!

It’s also not making people too happy that Lupita has been seen hanging out with Misty Copeland on her days off which has apparently frustrated investors as well. The source revealed:

“They were banking on her fame and have not seen a return. The most disrespectful thing is taking off every Wednesday while being seen hanging out with Misty. If you’re too tired to work, stay in bed.”

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Another source dished that Nyong’o:

“… hasn’t hustled ├óΓé¼┬ª Tony voters are coming to see her. Fans fly in to see her. This isn’t Hollywood, and she’s bringing her movie-star privilege to Broadway.”

However, the actress does have some people in her corner as another source close to the 33-year-old said:

“She’s maybe missed a show or two because she was sick and lost her voice, but she was never expected to appear in Wednesday-evening shows. This is her passion project that she is dedicated to and proud of.”

That sounds more like the Lupita we know and love!

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In fact, another insider came to the star’s defense in regards to investors being displeased, saying:

“They produced a show with a very difficult subject matter, so the box office may not be what they want it to be, but you can’t put that on Lupita. The amount of publicity she’s done, I don’t think she could’ve done more.”

Though there hasn’t been any word from Miz Nyong’o’s camp, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a couple people that were somehow rubbed the wrong by the Hollywood star.

What do you think of the allegations that Lupita is diva-ing it up on Broadway?!

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Jun 16, 2016 10:23am PDT

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