Nicki Minaj Feels Twitter Heat After Blocking Fan Who Asked Her To Say Something About Orlando!

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Nicki Minaj isn’t really known for having tactfulness. But it’s one thing to feud with another celeb, it’s another thing to upset your fanbase and bite the hand that feeds you!

On Wednesday, the Anaconda rapper came under some fire for blocking a fan for criticizing her silence on the recent Orlando shooting at Pulse Nightclub — unlike other applaud worthy celebs like Demi Lovato!

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Not only that, but the fan specifically called out Nicki for using Twitter to promote her new song while NOT commenting on the tragic events that left 50 people dead.

It all started when Twitter user @jxhnnybxrrios tweeted out:

He continued by prodding the rapper saying:

Well apparently it didn’t take long for the 33-year-old to react to the tweet by blocking @jxhnnybxrrios!

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Of course the social media user made sure his followers knew by sharing:

He even proved it by sharing pics:

Well other Nicki fans took notice and shared their own opinions on the matter, pointing out how ridiculous it is for her not to acknowledge the tregedy when so much of the artist’s fanbase is gay.

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Some of the hate included things like:


Well we know we’d love it if Nicki decided to use her celeb power for a greater good, but then again, some people just have different priorities, like voicing your frustration over VMA nominations. LOLz!

What do you think of the whole Twitter block sitch?

Jun 16, 2016 3:26pm PDT

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