At Least One Gun Store Refused Orlando Nightclub Shooter, Reported Him For Acting ‘Suspicious’

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This actually makes us really angry.

49 members and allies of the LGBT community were senselessly murdered over the weekend because an American citizen had the ability to walk into a gun store and purchase a semi-automatic rifle meant for war.

Omar Mateen‘s motives, sexual identity, and possible terrorist ties don’t matter… if we had stricter gun laws, he never would have been able to buy the AR-15 in the first place!

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Case in point: The 29-year-old allegedly tried to get armor and ammo from one Florida gun shop a few weeks before his June 12 attack on Pulse Nightclub, but was turned away because he was acting suspicious.

Robert Abell of Lotus Gunworks in Jensen Beach recounted his encounter with the murderer on Wednesday, saying:

“We knew by the questions he was asking he was suspicious.”

At least one gun store cares about other peoples’ safety and not just money…

But that’s not all — Robert also claimed his sales team even reported Omar to the authorities because of his behavior, except now the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is saying they never even heard about the incident.

Too bad being on the Terrorist Watch List three times and warnings from professionals in the industry don’t keep you from simply walking to another store down the street and buying your weapons there.

[Image via Lotus Gunworks/YouTube.]

Jun 16, 2016 5:04pm PST

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