Every Gun Control Opponent Should Read This Assault Rifle Owner’s Response To The Orlando Shooting

This is important.

Yes! An actual gun owner arguing IN DEFENSE of gun control!

On Wednesday, Army vet Brandyn Wayne took to Facebook to call out gun control critics in the wake of the horrific nightclub shooting in Orlando that claimed the lives of 49 people and injured many others.

The military man shared this photo (above) of himself holding the semi-automatic rifle he owns, penning a powerful caption about gun laws in the US.

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And we know you must be thinking it’s incredibly hypocritical for someone who has purchased a war weapon to be preaching about regulating the sale of these guns, but hear him out.

After explaining his past history with the armed forces — including his training and familiarity with rifles life this one — and explaining how the gun in the photo works, Brandyn explains he views it more as a piece of memorabilia than a weapon he ever intends to use, writing:

“I don’t need this thing at all. However, I want it. It’s cool. It is an amazing piece of machinery that along with its other high-capacity semi-automatic rifle cousins have decided national boundaries. I want it because it is a very familiar tool that I feel a nostalgic connection to given how much training I have had with it. The other reason I desire this rifle is a fantasy of lugging it around in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world where accurate headshots (of zombies and humans) are the difference between living and dying. 1) It is cool 2) It is familiar and 3) zombie apocalypse. I say again… I don’t need it.”

But he went on to declare that it is absolutely unnecessary for any civilian to own a gun like this, adding:

“It is an instrument of war. It was made to kill large amounts of people… in war. Police forces have it because now civilians do. The police need to meet force with equal, comparable force. The militarization of police agencies is occurring but how much can we blame them when the populace has access to these kinds of weapons?”

Mr. Wayne even explained that the only purpose for these guns is to be lethal to a lot of people very quickly, writing:

“This rifle was not made to go hunting. No one needs to take down thirty antelope inside of a minute to feed their family. This rifle was made to kill many people very quickly and it is very good at that one specific task. Handguns also fall into this category. They are made to put down people in close range very quickly.”

And that’s when he decided to call out how easy it is for people to obtain such deadly devices:

“I own them because other people have them and I refuse to be in a situation where my life is in danger where I can’t nullify the situation. The question that remains, though, do I need a 10, 12, or 16 round pistol? Am I carrying that 16-round pistol to also protect myself from someone else carrying a 16-round pistol or three people carrying seven-round pistols?

How far does that literal arms race need to escalate?”

Brandyn mentioned that he does believe people have the right to act in self-defense if their lives are being threatened, but pointed out that the weapons available to the public actually make society MORE dangerous:

“But the question we have to ask is, ‘Do we really want to live in a society where personal protection means being able to fire up to sixteen rounds in five seconds?’ ‘Do we really want to live in a society where someone out of their mind can run into a dark, happy, loud environment and kill 49 people, injure 53 others, and not be stopped until a SWAT team sets off a diversionary explosion and has a shootout with the terrorist where one police officer takes a round to the helmet?'”

And then he called for change:

“This is our society. We can ask these questions. We can also answer them if we get our heads out of our asses.”

Plus, the former Special Forces commander revealed that he would gladly hand his semi-automatic rifle over if the government decided to outlaw weapons of war, saying:

“If the laws change and this assault rifle I own became illegal, I would turn it in. I would turn it in to the authorities because as a responsible gun owner and citizen, I understand I live in a society that has rules. If I want to fight those rules, as a responsible gun owner and citizen, I will do so with words. As a responsible gun owner and citizen, I know that living in an atmosphere of paranoia of and isolationism from my government is the easiest path toward failing myself and my family.”

He concludes by encouraging civilians and politicians to enter the controversial conversation AND make some changes:

“It’s time to grow up and have the discussion on gun reform. It’s time to grow up and realize that the world is a very different place from when the Constitution was written. It’s time to grow up and realize that none of us have any business owning an M4 or other high-capacity human assault rifle.”

Brandyn’s post — which you can read in full here — went viral amid the Democrats’ 14-hour filibuster for a vote on stricter gun control.

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BTW, late Wednesday night, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy revealed that a compromise had finally been reach with Republican lawmakers, and a vote will be held to decide whether to ban people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns, as well as expand background checks to include gun shows and online orders.

Finally. Some progress.

[Image via Facebook.]

Jun 16, 2016 5:16pm PDT

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