Woman Hits Boyfriend With Her Car After Learning He Has HIV! See The Shocking Video!

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Crime of passion!

A shocking video of a Phoenix woman purposely hitting a man on a bike with her car surfaced this week.

According to authorities, this is more than just a hit-and-run; the driver was the man’s girlfriend — who had just found out he was HIV positive.

The surveillance footage recorded on April 29 shows her Ford Mustang slamming into the cyclist, sending him flying through the air.

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Moments before the collision, the video showed the man speaking with the driver of the car — then the Mustang ran down the cyclist and hit him.

Thankfully, the man survived the accident — but was reportedly hospitalized with a fractured vertebrae and received staples for a head injury.

The woman, who was indicted on several charges including attempting to commit second-degree murder, has pleaded not guilty.

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It’s not known whether the man had HIV the entire course of their relationship — but it sounds like there was some sort of infidelity involved here.

If that’s the case, maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats — and maybe next time she’ll think before attempting to commit second-degree murder.

Watch the jarring security footage (below) to see the crash!

[Image via WPTV.]

Jun 16, 2016 11:16am PDT

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