Daisy Ridley Might’ve Just Accidentally Dyed Her Face Yellow — LOLz!

Daisy Ridley goes too far with the turmeric.

LMAO! Poor Daisy Ridley!

The Star Wars actress was just trying to make sure her skin was in tip-top condition when she slathered turmeric powder all over it.

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Unfortunately, it stained her skin yellow and she’s supposed to be on set Saturday. OOPS!

And, no, as the 24-year-old herself joked, she is NOT starring in Minions 2. Ha!

Watch her laugh about her predicament in the video (below):

And let this be a lesson to you if you were thinking of rubbing turmeric all over your face.

[Image via Daisy Ridley/Instagram]

Jun 17, 2016 5:55pm PST

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