Saved By The Bell Alum Dustin Diamond Owes $94,000 In Back Taxes — Uh Oh!

dustin diamond taxes

Well this isn’t good.

According to reports, Dustin Diamond owes around $94,000 in back taxes to the state of Wisconsin. Oh man!

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Specifically, the Saved By The Bell actor has racked up a bill of $93,768 and is on a site featuring delinquent tax payers. Although the Department Of Revenue can’t discuss Dustin’s case in detail, a rep did note that a person only makes it onto this particular list if they owe over $5,000 and have ignored warning letters about the overdue payment.

Unfortunately, this is not the former child star’s first legal snafu as he was arrested and sentenced to time in jail for stabbing a man during a bar brawl back in 2014. Not to mention, after being out of jail for only one month the TV nerd ended up back behind bars for failing a drug test while on probation.

Things are certainly not going well for Dustin these days. We have a feeling the IRS is going to have to wait a bit before seeing any of that money — you don’t necessarily make a fortune while you’re in prison.

What do you think? Are YOU shocked to see how far Mr. Diamond has fallen?

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Jun 17, 2016 10:40am PST

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