Out Actress Lea DeLaria Gets Choked Up Talking About Orlando LGBT Hate Crime At OITNB Premiere

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The terrible tragedy in Orlando really hits home for Lea DeLaria.

The openly gay actress spoke out about the senseless shooting at Pulse Nightclub on Sunday that claimed the lives of 49 people and injured many more.

Video: Charlie Puth Dedicates See You Again Performance To Orlando

The Orange Is The New Black star broke down while talking about the atrocious attack at the Florida gay club at the Netflix premiere on Thursday, explaining that places like Pulse are where people in the LGBT community go to feel safe:

“When you are a queer individual, as I am, and you want to go someplace where you feel safe, you go to the local bar. You go to the gay bar. You go there, and you’re with your friends, and you dance until all hours of the morning. It’s where we have community. It’s where we have our culture. It’s where we feel safe.”

But in the wake of the horrific massacre, the 58-year-old says the community has lost its safe spaces:

“That was stolen from every LGBT person in the world on Sunday morning. That was taken from us, our sense of safety.”

It’s so heartbreaking.

The Illinois native went on to say the only thing that makes is “better” — for lack of a more fitting word — is that now so many people “see us as human beings.”

Photo: Laverne Cox, Laura Prepon, & Taylor Schilling At OITNB Premiere

Miz DeLaria felt grateful that politicians have apologized for past homophobic remarks, and that President Barack Obama reminded the world that LGBT individual are humans.

The Netflix star also tearfully pleaded with the public to spread love instead of hate, as well as ban the sale of automatic weapons:

“The best thing is if we could just stop teaching people to hate. If we could just stop teaching people to hate, and if we could just stop selling weapons of war, we would have a much better society.”

So well said.

Watch her emotional interview (below) and catch Season Four of OITNB streaming now:

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Jun 17, 2016 4:53pm PDT

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