Orlando Shooting Victim’s Funeral Procession Struck By Car, Two Police Officers Hospitalized

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A funeral procession for a victim of the Orlando terror attack at Pulse Nightclub last weekend has been rocked by a car crash that’s sent two Orlando police officers to the hospital.

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According to eye witnesses, a woman in a car not involved in the funeral procession saw what she thought was a small break in the line of cars going down a street, and tried to hurriedly break across to the other side.

She never saw two police officers coming up on motorcycles, and she struck both of them, knocking them off their bikes and causing a pretty significant crash.

Law enforcement officials say both officers were taken to the hospital, and each are now in stable condition.

Pics at the scene told the story (below):


As expected, the woman will be charged with a crime by police.

It’s been a tough week for Orlando.

[Image via Field Sutton/Twitter.]

Jun 18, 2016 5:11pm PDT

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